Custom Wood Game Boards

Custom Wood Game Boards offers laser cut board game accessories that are compatible with games like The Settlers of Catan™ . The accessories sold here are not affiliated with, sponsored by, nor endorsed by The Settlers of Catan™ trademark holders nor their affiliates.


Our custom wooden hexes and game pieces provide a great-looking, durable, and affordable alternative compared to the cheap, mass-produced, paper-stock hexes that are commercially available with the Settlers of Catan™ board game.


All of our custom game boards are handcrafted in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A and are designed not to warp or be ruined by way of spilled soda-pops, trips to the beach, and the like.


These laser cut game boards will make you the envy of all your board game-playing friends who have not yet made the leap to their own custom wood game board.


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Handcrafted in Detroit

All of our products are made in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.